What NOT To Ask in an Interview…. #bubblebusted

As I navigate through my PhD experience, I’m always on the lookout for pointers that I can consider when applying to various jobs, especially help/tips for interviews.  Late into my residency, I always said I wanted a job where I’d be able to work from home SOME of the time.  I mean dang, after all of this work, I feel like that luxury isn’t too much to ask.

Every now and then, my Dad mails me a news article from Yahoo News, that he thinks is relevant for me to see and pay special attention to.  I know…..I know…..forwarding the link via email would be MUCH easier, and “sharing” it, with a tag for me on FB would be even easier…..but hes not into all of this “new technology stuff”, so let’s just suffice to say that snail mail is his delivery of choice….

Title: 10 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask on a Job Interview

The #2 question was…..yep, you guessed it…..”Can I work from home?”  The rationale given is that it raises red flags about home-related issues.  Once your employer has faith in your work ethic, then the subject of working from home can be broached……..smh….well knock me over with a feather….lol…needless to say I wasnt too thrilled about it, but I was happy to know that I probably shouldn’t blurt that question out when a potential employer asks Dr. Gadsden, do you have any questions for us?”

Another question that appeared in the list is:  ”Will you check my Facebook page?” Really? Now who would go into an interview asking THAT?  How can they check it if you don’t give them the password, which I hope no one would do under ANY circumstances…it’s an invasion of privacy…not unheard of though, because a few months back, companies were indeed trying to make their employees hand over their password…  know your rights, or at least what the civil organizations think 


Just in case you’re curious, here are the other 8:

1. Is there public transportation nearby?

2.  Is there a probationary period?

3.  What does the company do?

4.  Is there on-site child care?

5.  Do you pay for overtime?

6.  How often do you give raises?

7.  How often do employees get paid?

8.  Do you offer flex time?

Just a few points to ponder….

Shout out to the greatest Dad in the world for keeping me on my toes!

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